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As we approach the end of the financial year, our focus shifts to Sydney and a key individual who has progressed rapidly.

Kevin Tansey originally from Dublin, Ireland began his life for BD Building as a carpenter. More recently in late 2017 he took on a full time Project Manager position supervising almost 50+ carpenters and managing some of the largest projects we have ran in Sydney to date.

We caught up with him earlier this month to speak about his recent successes and how he adapted his skills to become a Senior Project Manager for Sydney.


Kevin Tansey

Position: Project Manager | Location: Sydney
Firstly let’s start with this year so far. How’s it been up to now for you at BD?

So far so good, I have had the opportunity to work on great projects this year varying from luxury residential homes in the eastern suburbs to a roof top deck on the 28th floor in the heart of the CBD. We also just recently finished a carpentry package to construct multiply high-end houses out in the northern suburbs. It has definitely been my busiest and most positive year at BD so far.

Out of those projects you mentioned, did one stand out most for you?

I have been fortunate enough to work on some amazing projects since joining BD, each coming with their own outstanding moments. If I was to choose one, I would have to choose the roof top deck we installed in the CBD for Hutchinson Builder’s on the newly opened The Arc.

From the moment I started tendering for this job I knew this was going to be special. The Architect’s had done such a great job in the design, no stone was left unturned in the detail. There were a lot of warning signs early on that this was going to a be a different kind of job. Doing any work in the CBD can be a complex logistical undertaking as you can imagine, plus our project was stationed on the 28th floor which was the roof top. Hutchinson were brilliant to deal with and meticulous in their planning. My carpenters did a fantastic job to bring the drawing to life. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product.

What’s your life like now as a Project Manager at BD Building, compared to your days as a carpenter?

There have been similarities in the job but in some cases, it can be completely different. BD Building were great with the amount of training they provided, they made the transition feel seamless. Coming from a carpentry background definitely helped me settle into the role better, as it requires similar attributes to succeed. The biggest attribute would be having the foresight to see 2 or 3 stages ahead. The job is a lot more office based, which was something I have not had much experience in. I had to learn new set of skills to assure my jobs ran smoothly. Marking up drawings and making BOQs with Revu, to constructing progress reports and Gannt charts with Smartsheets.

Back in Dublin was construction always something you wanted to be involved with?

Before moving to Australia, I had spent the previous 4 years study carpentry as an apprentice and 4 years working for a builder as a subcontractor. I have always had an interest in construction, and I see working as a project manager as the natural next step in my career.    

What do you hope the future has in store for you at BD Building Management, and is there anything you plan personally to achieve?

The future is bright, BD have surround themselves with young ambitious career driven individuals. There are no low ceilings here and we are constantly encouraging to push the boundaries of our abilities. From a personal perspective my goals are to complete my builders’ licence and progressing further in my career. 

One last question. If you had to choose, Ireland or Australia?

That’s an unfair question to end the spotlight on haha! Living in Australia is amazing, as a country it has so much to offer, but as an Irishman my heart will always belong to the Emerald Isle.

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