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In this edition of Spotlight, we focus on NSW and speak with a key member of our team who has pushed BDs success forward since day one. We will look back at some of our most challenging projects that his team have completed for BD so far.


Martyn Wilson

Position – Construction Manager

Location – Sydney, NSW

What do you enjoy the most about working in Sydney?

Firstly, I would say the surroundings of the city make working here very special for me personally. It is very rare we have a dull day. The perfect weather conditions here provides me and our carpenters on site with ideal working conditions for the majority of the year.


Secondly, the variety of different projects in the Sydney area offer unique opportunities and challenges for our worthy carpenters, who are more than ready and capable to take them on. You never know what you’re going to get next in this city. Our clients continue to test our ability and we always come out strong. The city; suburbs and inner city buildings continue to pop up.


I have managed a wide variety of projects, from far outside the city area in regional locations, to other projects situated up and down the coast.  More local projects in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney and commercial builds high above the CBD skyline are always logistically challenging.

BD Building have been operational in Sydney for several years now. During this time has there been a project where expectations from yourself and your carpenters were high?

At BD Building we expect the best standards and performance from our carpenters on any job big or small. Our vision is to deliver the best finish for our clients, but if I was to name a project where the stakes felt high, I’d say Kirribilli House.


The building is the secondary home of the Prime Minister of Australia, and also has been used to accommodate members of the English Royal Family such as Charles, Prince of Wales. It was a real honour to be involved in the renovation works, and a great achievement for BD Building Management and all the carpenters involved.


Our carpenters installed a new roof structure to the kitchen and lift shaft. During construction we removed, adjusted and re-installed various elements throughout the interior of the building, all with a complex and high specification, to suit the new layout and current regulations, which the doors, door linings and mouldings were a particular focal point.

Has any particular project tested your teams ability, if so why was it so challenging?

Between 2017 and early 2018 we worked alongside Lahey Constructions on a building located in Zetland named Green Square Creative Centre. Some elements of the building had deteriorated and we helped recreate the old red brick building back into a new and more modern design. Zetland over the recent years has gone through a lot of redevelopment and this new building’s purpose is a community centre for creative and facilities for the local college to utilise.


The design included several arches held above a courtyard area which would shelter the front of the JACC building from rain and sunlight. These were a completely new addition to the existing building, which took a tremendous amount of forward planning and skilled labour. The rest of the scope for this building included; the removal of large sections of the roof framing to enable the local community to view the decorative ply ceiling we installed to the underside of the rafters; the installation of a new Ridge Ventilator, that had to tie in with the existing heritage listed timber roof; and a combination of new and Restored Timber Windows and doors throughout.


The roof structure of the GIC Building across the other side of the open space was also completely rebuilt, working in with the Steel company who fabricated and installed the Trusses, we then proceeded to stitch them together with Underpurlins and 7.5m long Rafters. The JCS Building with the flattened roof structure was very impressive.  The new Structure tied into the existing roof, but then extended out above a new amenities block until it was virtually flat. It was wrought with problems during the early stages, but altogether a great design, and the finish product looks amazing.


BD Building has progressed a lot over the last twelve months, expanding into Melbourne, Brisbane and New Zealand. Where do you see yourself and your team in the coming years?

Hopefully on the golf course twice a week.  Joking aside though, we have put together an exciting management team for the Projects side of our business, a team that is built up predominantly of Carpenters, that can spot potential problems and cost saving opportunities from an early stage.  This is really working for us and helping us provide a quality service for our clients. 


We are getting very close to the ideal size of business that we were striving for, in the coming years you will see us levelling out in terms of growth, and fine-tuning and improving the services we provide.

Take a look at BD NSW Portfolio by Martyn and his team


BD Building Management continue to employ a diverse group of carpenters from all over the world, each bringing their unique skills to the job each day. We catch up with two European carpenters this week and get a brief look at their background and how they are enjoying Australian life compared to home.


Maxime Le Menn

Position – Skilled Carpenter

Location – Sydney, NSW

Nationality – French

What is it like being a french carpenter in Australia?

It has been a good experience, I have met nice people at work, there’s not much difference in the way the work is done, at the beginning it was a little bit complicated to understand the different accents but now I’m used to it.

What were your intentions when you first came to Sydney?

My intentions were to travel and work for a maximum of 6 months then go back to France, my plan was never to emigrate to Australia.

What do you like the most about your job?

To work with a lot of people and learning from their experience, sharing the cultural aspects of every different nationality, by starting early work and finishing early it gives me more time to have a better personal life, In France the work schedule was way more demanding.

What is your biggest achievement to date personal or professional?

I think my biggest achievement to date was to get my sponsorship from BD, because they gave the opportunity to stay longer in this amazing country and doing what I like.


Thibor Mees

Position – Skilled Carpenter

Location – Sydney, NSW

Nationality – Belgian

How is the life in Australia different to life in Belgium?

I’ve been here now two and half years and I can’t even imagine moving back to Belgium anymore. Living here in Australia is just a dream and it feels like a constant holiday. I first started here working as a chippy, I had a few new tricks and rules to learn compared to back home, but I picked it up really quick. That’s what makes the job exciting, challenging and more interesting.

What is your most proud accomplishment at BD Building and why?

I’ve finished some impressive projects over the past few years at BD Building, which I am definitely proud of. For me it is amazing how different my working life is compared to back home. I guess that makes me most proud about myself is gaining new skills, knowledge and experience overall compared to one particular project.

Why did you choose Sydney and how do you like it?

Sydney is just one big amazing multicultural city. Me and my girlfriend, settled down in a nice flat near the beach in the Eastern Suburbs. Coming home after a long day of work and going down to the beach for a swim is just so unbelievable. I have travelled around Australia, worked at a few different places and Sydney is by far my favourite city. The nicest beaches, surrounded by beautiful and interesting people and heaps going on every day.

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