This amazing home located in Sydney’s northern suburb Manly is hidden on a private estate overlooking the harbour. The project consists of a multi-level home with access from both the front and the rear of the property.

Our carpenters completed all of the carpentry elements of the home. Internally we completed the finishing of the frame work, the fitting of windows, doors, pivot and sliding doors. Plus the flooring angle for finished concrete to complete timber louvers. Externally we started and finished all of the cladding and the pool louvers.

The design allows natural light into the property whilst keeping the interior very private to the surrounding residents. The louvers along the neighbouring fascia blend into the cladding with the design and also include ceiling to mid height pivot windows which open externally. The cladding cover the entire outer appearance of the home.

In the main open plan living space which will include living, kitchen and dining areas has multiple design elements which allow natural light in from the roof and give a deep dynamic range of space.

We worked long and hard alongside Platinum Group and love the final outcome and hope the residents enjoy the property.

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