Carpentry Across Australia: What BD Building Projects Can Offer You

As employers of labour, we provide secure and steady work to skilled carpenters. We have a culturally diverse workforce with carpenters stemming from Australia, UK, Ireland, Brazil and Canada—to name a few. Having a large proportion of employees from overseas—we recognise the need to offer more than just employment. BD Building Projects can also provide sponsorship to worthy candidates working with us.

To discuss finding carpentry work in Australia and New Zealand, get in contact with us today!

Furthermore, we facilitate carpenters that have come from abroad with the supply of vehicles and tools, easing up on the transitioning and stress of moving to Australia. BD Building Projects are here to help you with your endeavours, and help you navigate the Australian labour industry.


“The standard of life is just so much better in Australia. The great weather and beaches are the big seller for me. Most days after work I’ll head down for a swim. If you attempted to do that in my home country of Ireland, you would catch hypothermia.”


Customer Service Manager


A quick catch up with Dan to see how life’s treating him Down Under. BD helped Dan get setup and he’s now living in Bondi enjoying everything that Australia has to offer, which inevitably has made him rethink leaving any time soon.

Take a step towards a new life with Carpentry Employment

At BD Building Projects, we have helped countless skilled individuals from Melbourne, Brisbane, across Australia and New Zealand and indeed across the world find gainful carpentry employment in Sydney.

Our recruitment agency will help you every step of the way through the process to ensure you find the right carpentry jobs that suit your skillset and preferred location. Apply now and find carpentry jobs in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand.

To get an idea of the projects that BD Building Projects performs, you can view our gallery here.



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