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BD Building Management are Sydney’s leading carpentry company based just minutes away from the iconic Bondi Beach. Servicing the thriving Aussie construction industry with skilled carpenters, BD have grown to become an integral part of the Australian and New Zealand building scene.

As employers of labour, we provide secure and steady work to skilled carpenters. BD have a culturally diverse team, with carpenters originating from countries including Australia, the UK, Ireland and Canada. Considering a large percentage of our employees are from overseas, we recognise the need to offer more than just employment. BD has implemented sponsorship programs to carpenters to expand their carpentry experience and make Australia their new home.

All BD carpenters are supplied with vehicles and tools, alleviating the potential transitional inconvenience of moving to a new country. BD are here to help! 

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A guide to cover all bases when taking the plunge Downunder.

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What Our Newsletters Cover

VISA + Flights

Let us give you some insider tips on obtaining your ‘Working Holiday Visa’ online, and grabbing a steal with flights Downunder. With detailed knowledge of  migration rules and laws, our goal is to make the process as streamlined and easy as can be.


With guaranteed employment for when you arrive, this safety net means no excuses for you to hold off any longer. Work alongside the BD team, upskill, and become a sponsored chippy if you happen to fall in with either Australia or New Zealand!

Lifestyle + PLAY

Australia and New Zealand have a thriving food and bar scene, countless outdoor activities to get amongst, as well as a diverse climate range, meaning you could be skiing the slopes one minute, and surfing emerald waters the next. With a strong outdoor culture, we highly doubt you’ll ever get bored.

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