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During 2018, BD Projects has collaborated with a wide range of different builders across both commercial and residential sectors. Three of these projects were shortlisted by Master Builders Association for the New South Wales Master Builders Awards 2018.

Our collaborations with Stephen Edwards Constructions, Lahey Constructions and Patterson Building Group all received individual awards and we are proud to have been involved and to help these builders hit their respective targets on each project.

We look back at these great projects to congratulate the builders and all others involved, for the successful completion of these high quality, award winning builds.

Elizabeth Bay Marina

Builder – Stephen Edwards Constructions


Elizabeth Bay Marina is located at the end of Ithaca Road, Elizabeth Bay, near Beare Park. The marina has existed for over 100 years and is a popular place for boaters, kayakers, residents and tourists visiting the area.

Over time the timber elements had deteriorated and Roads and Maritime proposed an upgrade to the marina to improve safety and the amenities for water users and the local community.

The marina upgrade will provide improved marina facilities for the boating community. It will make the marine more reliable at preventing damage to boats and the marina due to flooding at high tides.

BD Building Projects completed the majority of the carpentry work throughout, including wall framing, roof framing, wall cladding, doors, door hardware, pelmets, decked ceiling, skirting, sills & reveals and service cupboards. Also in our scope of works were timber battens, fencing, pergola, sunshades, seats & water tank stand, and fascia & soffit framing. Besides all the Hardwood Framing and Recycled timber cladding, one of the main highlights would have to be the marine grade sliding gate at the sites entrance.

Our partnership with Stephen Edwards was a success throughout this project. They completed a fantastic marina for the locals and Master Builders awarded them with best public building up to $7,000,000. The marina helped them win Construction Excellence in Unique and Diverse Projects along with two other projects they completed that year.


Joyton Avenue Creative Centre

Builder – Lahey Constructions


An increased amount of forward planning was needed for these three Heritage Community Facilities Buildings in Green Square.

Being heritage listed, works to the existing structures needed to be exactly to drawings and specifications, with even the slightest alterations having to be signed off by the client and heritage architect. Alterations to the existing roof structure in JACC Building consisted of working with existing hardwood which posed many challenges along the way. BD Projects also undertook feature timber shells and custom-made timber windows, screen and doors all on day labour.

We completely re built the GIC Building roof, working with the steel company to install trusses and then clad the entire of the underside with A grade birch ply to create an attractive effect overall.

The JCS structure was very impressive. All the rafters needed to be hand cut on site with differing falls and pitches while the wall plates rose, but the ridge stayed the same, to give the effect of the roof flattening out. Overall an intensive but satisfying job on completion.

Lahey Construction were awarded with the best Restoration/Adaptive Re-Use of an Historic Building between $5,000,001 – 30,000,000 and also for best use of timber, which is something we are very proud to hear about.


East Gardens Library

Builder – Patterson Building Group


During 2017/18 we worked with Patterson Building Group on the newly refurbishment project East Gardens Library. We supplied and installed timber raised podiums with steps and ramp access. The podiums were assembled using 22mm red tongue particle board glue and screwed to timber substrate to create subfloor. Once complete, we installed engineered timber flooring throughout, giving the library a fantastic new look. 

Patterson Building Group did a superb job at renovating the existing library and Master Builders awarded them with best Refurbishment/Renovation/Extension up to $5,000,000.

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